Tired of overdrinking?

It HappenS.

It's Not Your Fault.

You can break the cycle and find freedom.

I’m here to help you change your relationship with alcohol and get a lot more out of life.

Explore what's possible when you live AFreeLife!

  • More time

  • More energy

  • Better health

  • Stronger relationships

  • Less anxiety

  • More confidence

  • More money

  • The sky's the limit

Are you ready to learn how to change your

relationship with alcohol, but not sure where

else to turn?

Sip Smart 6-Step Guide

Look no further! Grab our FREE Sip Smart 6-Step Guide to Controlling Alcohol which provides actionable practical tips and is the first step to freeing you from the 3:00 am Wash Rinse Repeat cycle.

Learn to control your drinking and find a more balanced, fulfilling life.

“Joy’s 30 Day Reset Program was A GAME CHANGER FOR ME. I’ve tried Dry January and

Sober October before but always on my own using willpower. Never with a structure program or

thoughtful guide to coach me along the way and provide me tools to use when the month was

over. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to make a change in their life!”

~ Elizabeth L., Boston, MA

Ready to change your relationship with alcohol?

Transform your Drinking Habits with The Sip Smart Guide

Our FREE Sip Smart Guide provides actionable tips and practical insights to modify your current drinking habits to improve your life and wellbeing.

Take the first step towards a healthier, more mindful relationship with alcohol.

Are you...

  • Tired of waking nightly at 3:00 am feeling broken and wishing this time had actually been different?

  • A high functioning successful professional, a loving parent and spouse, fully capable of controlling all areas of life…except how much you drink?

  • Noticing more bickering with your spouse, less patience for your kids, less time for self-care and hobbies?

woman tired of waking up feeling broken

Do you...

  • Look at friends, family members, and colleagues’ drinking, and think they don’t have a problem; so, I must not have a problem?

  • Long for the good ole days when you’d catch a buzz with less hangovers, blackouts, and those darn nightly 3:00 am wake ups?

  • Stress about that twenty pounds you can’t take off and worry that you’re getting older and drinking so much probably isn't so great for your health?

Have you...

  • Heard that voice in your head say “go ahead, have just one glass,” and next thing you know one glass is several, and who’s gonna notice if I sneak one more?

  • Tried periods of moderation or abstinence, but found yourself on vacation or at a family holiday, and FOMO kicked in and you regrettably drank, again?!?

  • Ever googled “How can I control my drinking?”

If so, you're not alone.

You decide to take another break; I'll show myself I’ve got it this time...until you don’t.

And it’s 3:00 am. You’re awake in puddle of self-loathing. Again. Gosh darn it. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Hi, I'm Joy.

I've Been There Too.

What started as a fun way to go out in high school and college, morphed into the only way I knew how to socialize and de-stress. Over time, reliance on alcohol crept into all aspects of my life, and the 3:00 am cycle of self-loathing and regret became my intolerable norm. I've always been a work hard, play hard person – a high functioning professional, successful in my career, a loving mother of three, happily married, and fully capable of controlling all areas of my life…except my nightly drinking.

Living at 110% required booze to shut down my brain, despite an ever-increasing desire to drink less. I had several periods of moderation and abstinence in my 35+ year drinking career, which shed glimmers of what life without alcohol might offer, but my white-knuckle willpower always ran out. My fear of missing out, fear of making others uncomfortable if I wasn't drinking, and my inability to imagine life not miserable without

alcohol always kept me returning to it. And before long, overdrinking would invariably be my nightly routine again.

I had this love-hate relationship with alcohol for years and thought when it gets bad enough, I'll change, but bad enough never came. Then in November 2019, I finally asked the right question – Is it good enough to stay the same? I discovered the sober curious movement and a rapidly growing global Alcohol-Free community. I read Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind and learned how to control my overdrinking once and

for all. With curiosity and self-compassion, I discovered that being addicted to an addictive substance is normal, and I have the power to control my drinking. Today, alcohol is small and irrelevant. Today, I’m living AFreeLife – my absolute best life!

Today, I’m also passionate about helping sandwich generation people, who successfully juggle careers, kids, and aging parents, find new coping mechanisms because the alcohol crutch is no longer working.

Through 1:1 coaching and group sessions, I help clients find inner clarity, courage, and confidence to shift their mindset and change their relationship with alcohol. My clients discover strategies that lead not only to freedom from alcohol, but also to profound shifts in all areas of life, a deeper sense of self, and the attainment of inner peace. I’m committed to helping others awaken AFreeLife.


The Self-Centered Woman Podcast: Revisiting Our Relationship With Alcohol With Sobriety and Wellness Coach Joy Stieglitz

AFreeLife Empowers


I am no longer caught in the cycle of shame and blame with constant craving chatter as background noise in my head. With clarity of thought, my passion for learning has reignited, and my desire for exploration reaches no bounds. Fear and anxiety no longer prevent me from pursuing my dreams or reaching my personal and professional goals. The sky is the limit.


My body has returned to a state of wellness I never anticipated. By removing alcohol, my sleep is better; I shed pounds I struggled with for years; and I eliminated the systemic inflammation that caused chronic psoriasis and perpetuated debilitating Lyme disease. My skin is clear; my joints and muscles no longer ache; my brain fog is dramatically reduced. Wonders never cease.


Who knew that a quiet mind and healthier body would be just the tip of the iceberg of AFreeLife – an extraordinary Alcohol Free Life? My appreciation of the vast universe, which we are blessed to inhabit for a short time, has awakened my spirit, gratitude, and unapologetic love of humanity. With child-like enthusiasm, I live fully every moment of every day.

Are you ready to explore what's possible when you control your relationship with alcohol?

It doesn't matter where you are on your journey. Still drinking, exploring moderation, on Day 1, Day 1001, or anywhere in between? My coaching is compassion-led and science-based. I'll meet you right where you are. Together, we create your program to change your relationship with alcohol, explore other challenges, unwanted habits or behaviors, and set you on a path to explore life's possibilities, find true happiness, and live your best life.

You too can Find AFreeLife

Here from clients with life changing results...

I am forever changed by the work we've done together thus far, and I look forward to the journey from here. Working with Joy has been... well, an absolute joy. Joy's warmth and sincerity radiate through every moment of her coaching. I have felt incredibly safe to explore a wide range of topics and leave every session feeling seen, heard, and supported. Joy's caring approach and thoughtful questions have helped me find the clarity to not only move past limitations but reach far beyond... I would recommend her to anyone seeking a wise and gentle guide in this crazy life.

~ Jamie P, Portland, OR

Joy helped me through a difficult life transition. She created space for natural inquiry by listening intently and asking thoughtful questions. She offered relatable insights from her personal experience, relevant information, and valuable tools for me to use. The work I did with Joy helped me to find my inner strength and clarity with decision making. Joy is compassionate, professional, and sincerely cares with zero judgment. I would recommend Joy to anyone needing support through life's challenging times.

~ Amy M, Madison, WI

Joy Stieglitz is kind, patient, caring and most importantly has been there! It is so difficult trying to navigate an alcohol free life on your own. Of course, for a lot of us, our partners drink, our friends drink and our families drink. You can find yourself pretty alone and isolated doing this on your own. Joy provides great guidance, tools and understanding of your journey and is the perfect coach to hold your hand while you walk this fabulous alcohol free road.

~ Tracy D, Ottawa, Ontario

Working with Joy has made a significantly helpful impact on my approach to and relationship with not only alcohol, but with myself. I feel like I’ve grown with every meeting we’ve had. Joy listens intently, asks thoughtful questions, and truly feels like someone who understands both what I’m going through and where my potential lies. I feel like I can be honest about my feelings and experiences with Joy without judgement, and that’s priceless. It makes such a difference having a coach on your side when you’re trying to redefine your relationship with alcohol, and I can’t recommend Joy enough.

~ Jenny P, Madison, Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s up with your business name AFreeLife?

At AFreeLife Coaching we help you explore becoming AF (Alcohol Free) to empower your most joyful Free Life. Unlike alcohol cessation programs focused solely on sobriety, our goal is to eliminate alcohol’s role in your life entirely – even any fixation on its absence – so you no longer wonder, worry, or even think about it. Once alcohol is small and irrelevant, you can explore all that’s possible and truly live AFreeLife.

What if I just want to moderate my drinking; do I have to go completely alcohol-free?

Emphatically no. Everyone is in a different place with their relationship with alcohol and the life they are pursuing. If your goal is to moderate, that’s fine. You’ll learn tools and have support for that as well. There is no judgment, and there are no rules.

Can I participate in coaching if I've tried to quit drinking before and failed?

Absolutely, and believe me, you are not alone! Most people who come to AFreeLife Coaching have tried a variety of approaches, returned to drinking, and are ready to try something new. You’ve come to the right place!

How is AFreeLife Coaching different from AA and other programs?

At AFreeLife, we use grace, compassion, and science to help you understand your subconscious beliefs about the supposed benefits of alcohol and its role in your life. Together, we explore why alcohol is no longer serving you. Unlike approaches that rely on labels and willpower and focus on behavior change, with AFreeLife Coaching you will lose the desire to drink because it no longer holds any benefit. 

What if I’m not actually ready to take a break?

That is perfect! In fact, we discourage clients from taking a break right away (unless they’re truly ready). We’ve found that rather than trying to convince your brain that it’s ready to do something it isn’t, it is advantageous to continue drinking during the first couple of months of coaching while learning about the science and your beliefs about alcohol’s benefits. Then, if you’re ready to try a break and explore how it feels, we encourage you to experiment with our guided 30-day Reset Program. 

What happens if I “slip up” and take a drink?

AFreeLife coaching programs are about learning and growing. You do not have to be perfect, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you drink. The is no judgement or shame at our table. Consider it more data. Stay curious, keep an open mind, and continue questioning what you know about alcohol. The purpose of coaching is to get you to feel better. There is no one prescribed journey, and it is almost never linear.

Can I get support between sessions or after completing a coaching program?

Every AFreeLife client has 24/7 access to Coach Joy via Voxer. If you need additional support or an extra nudge for accountability, simply send a text or voice message, and she’ll get back to you right away. Hourly coaching sessions are also available between sessions, and Coach Joy happily supports clients’ ongoing navigation of obstacles and pursuit of other goals after any coaching program has been completed.

Is AFreeLife Coaching limited only to alcohol, or do you help people with other habits?

Coach Joy’s degree in physiological psychology; certifications in affective liminal psychology, mindfulness, and Amrita meditation; as well as her personal AF journey since 2019 all contribute to her sobriety and wellness coaching specialization. However, she is not limited to this focus and has successfully helped dozens of clients explore other challenges, relationships, and aspects of themselves in pursuit of their best lives.

Is a Discovery Call just a sales call, in disguise?

Experience has proven that without connection, coaching falls short. So, before we decide if AFreeLife Coaching is right for you, we need to see if we connect. We’re confident we can help you change your relationship with alcohol and achieve your goals, but Joy’s personality and style are not for everyone. So, before we decide which of AFL coaching programs will work best, you need to decide if I’m the right coach. If not, we parts ways, and I’ll happily recommend a coach with whom you might better connect.

Coaching costs a lot; AA and other programs are free. Do you offer free coaching?

1:1 coaching is an important decision and not a small investment, but no client has yet to tell me it wasn’t worth every penny. Consider how much you would spend on alcohol over the next year, and then consider any secondary costs (everything from late night munchies to a job loss, divorce lawyer or anything in between). More importantly, what is it worth to find freedom, real freedom? We do offer several free guides to support your journey, regularly run promotions, and can structure payment options. Please just ask.

Contact Coach Joy at:

[email protected]​​

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Joy Stieglitz is a certified Sobriety and Wellness Coach who specializes in helping sandwich generation people change their relationship with alcohol to find true freedom and joy in their life. Alcohol Free since November 2019, Joy brings valuable insights into her practice. AFreeLife Coaching is a safe space where all are welcome to explore their desire for health, wellness, and personal growth regardless of where they are or want to go on their journey with alcohol, and regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or any other social construct.